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Certain conditions are classified as either peripheral or central vertigo, with migraines being the number one cause of the latter. To better formulate an effective care plan for vertigo, find out the associated conditions and factors that could lead to the development of your vestibular disorder. Furthermore, according to our upper cervical chiropractor in Midland, a safe and sought-after option for relief is available for patients suffering from vertigo.

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Becoming a mother is one of the joys in the life of many women. However, some newbie mommies report worse headaches and other migraine symptoms right after giving birth. According to the American Migraine Association, one out of four women experience severe migraines two to six weeks after delivery. In addition, AMA reports that five percent of women who never had migraines experience their first attack during postpartum.

As your leading source of Midland migraine relief, we decided to focus on this topic to help you understand how to care for yourself or a loved one who recently gave birth.


What is postpartum migraine?

Migraine and headaches that occur after childbirth are pretty prevalent. However, not many women are aware of their postpartum migraines. Most women assume that their condition is no different from their pre-pregnancy migraines. Unfortunately, the lack of understanding and the misinformation surrounding postpartum migraines make it harder for new moms to experience lasting Midland migraine relief.

Here are some quick facts on postpartum migraines:

It has a connection to hormonal fluctuations

After childbirth, estrogen and progesterone levels drop dramatically. This causes several effects on the body, including increased risks for severe and debilitating headaches. 

Sleepless nights can exacerbate the symptoms

Quiet and calming nights can be elusive for first-time mommies for at least a few months. You might have to stay up longer than usual to breastfeed your child or sing lullabies. Sadly, this can contribute to the onset of worse migraine headaches in the morning. 

Missed meals might also contribute to your pain

Juggling household chores and caring for your baby can sometimes cause you to skip meals. This can lead to blood sugar level fluctuations – another risk factor for postpartum migraines. 

It can cause several symptoms

Besides headaches, you should also look for signs like tunnel vision, mood swings, odd food cravings, vertigo, and nausea. 

Some women suffer from secondary postpartum migraines

Secondary headaches in women who just delivered their baby can stem from several conditions. Some examples of these include preeclampsia, post-clampsia, meningitis, and cortical vein thrombosis.


What can women do to cope with postpartum migraines?

While postpartum migraines can be pretty debilitating, you have several options to relieve your symptoms. Some of these include:

Manage your meal time better

Because it can be tough to stay on track with your regular meal time, we recommend finding a compromise. Talk to your partner about taking turns caring for the baby while one of you eats meals. Additionally, you might find it helpful to snack on healthy treats like a bowl of fruits, granola, trail mix, and yogurt. 

Keep yourself well-hydrated

Drinking enough water, especially while breastfeeding, is a crucial step for every mommy. This helps maintain healthy levels of electrolytes in the body. As much as possible, you should drink up to 16 cups of water or other fluids each day to keep up with the demands of your body. 

Take a few sips of coffee or hot cocoa

Small doses of caffeine can do wonders for people with debilitating headaches. So if you aren't sensitive to caffeine, we suggest taking a few sups of cocoa or coffee. Caffeine can help regulate blood vessel dilation and constriction, providing you with a bit of relief during an unexpected migraine episode.  

Manage your triggers

Migraine triggers tend to vary from one patient to another. So, we suggest keeping track of yours and planning ways to avoid or manage them. For example, if your episodes worsen due to temperature changes, you might find staying in a cool and relaxing room helpful. If bright lights aggravate your symptoms, we suggest wearing protective eyewear or glasses equipped with transition or photochromic lenses. 

Resolve the source of your secondary postpartum migraines

Secondary migraine headaches also tend to affect newbie mommies. Hence, you might find it helpful to consult with your physician so you can seek treatment or other procedures needed to resolve health problems like meningitis, pre and post-eclampsia, and cortical vein thrombosis. 

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Neckbone misalignments are among the least suspected triggers of migraines. That's because they're not as evident as other migraine triggers. However, several case studies have shown that women who have just given birth are sometimes highly susceptible to neckbone shifting due to the changes in the body's physiology and the force needed to deliver a child. 

If you have noticed increased or sudden migraine attacks after childbirth, you might find it helpful to explore upper cervical chiropractic. Several women with hormonal migraines have found significant Midland migraine relief after getting their C1 and C2 vertebral bones assessed and adjusted.


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Being a mother for the first time can be tricky, and it can be more challenging if you frequently combat migraine attacks. We hope our discussion above has shed light on how postpartum migraines work and what you can do to cope better and experience lasting Midland migraine relief.

If you want to pursue Upper Cervical Care as a part of your postnatal care plan, we strongly recommend consulting with Dr. John Kowalcyzk for a chiropractor appointment. We want to help you check for neckbone misalignments and plan your neck steps to restore balance in your body. Don't hesitate to call Balanced Living Chiropractic’s Midland office at (989) 368-0361. If you prefer writing, you can send us a message online.


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A migraine is a neurological condition that can cause several symptoms. Many people already know about the most common migraine symptoms. Do you share the same experience? If not, you might find browsing through our list of debilitating migraine symptoms helpful. Additionally, we strongly recommend reading on to know how our Midland upper cervical chiropractor can help.

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Thousands of patients come to practices like Balanced Living Chiropractic for Midland migraine relief. However, many of these individuals confuse their migraines for headaches. Notably, this happens because both conditions share several similarities. If you happen to get stuck in the same dilemma, you might find it helpful to go over our list of migraine and headache differences. This way, you can effectively identify what sort of remedies or lifestyle adjustments you might need. 

#1. Location of the pain

Unlike regular headaches, migraine attacks primarily affect one side of the head. In fact, according to studies, 40 to 80 percent of migraineurs experience unilateral pain in their head. In rare cases, So, the next time you notice the slightest throbbing in your head, we strongly recommend checking the specific location of the pain. If you notice unilateral pain, you might have a migraine episode. However, if the pain and pressure affect several parts of your head, it could be a headache.

#2. The average duration of an episode 

Studies found that headaches and migraines have varying episode lengths. Notably, migraines episodes can stretch for several days. It can also come with distinct stages: prodrome, aura, headache, and hangover phase. Meanwhile, other headaches such as tension headaches and cluster headaches only last for a few hours. These can also cause intense throbbing that can recur several times a month. 

We strongly recommend tracking the average duration of an attack using a migraine diary. On top of that, we suggest noting the intensity of the symptoms you experience. This will help you establish a pattern that might come in handy when you search for a source of Midland migraine relief.   

#3. Intensity and characteristics of the pain

When observing your symptoms and differentiating between migraines and headaches, you should most definitely consider the pain intensity. Notably, migraines can cause varying levels of pain to a patient. On the one hand, tension headaches and sinus headaches inflict mild to moderate pain, while cluster headaches cause crippling symptoms. 

We also strongly advise checking the specific characteristics of your episodes. Here are a few guide questions you can use as a guide when describing what you feel to your doctor: 

#4. Accompanying symptoms 

Another distinction between headaches and migraines is the noticeable accompanying symptom(s). Notably, tension headaches can come hand in hand with a stiff shoulder, neck, or upper back. On the one hand, sinus headaches can cause a watery eye and a stuffed nose. 

On the other hand, migraines can trigger many problems in the different stages of an attack. Some examples of these include:


List of Ways to Eliminate Migraines or Headaches

When left unattended, migraines and headaches can leave a significant impact on your work routine. They can also take a toll on your life, especially when you get tired of using medications to cope with your symptoms. Thankfully, plenty of possible natural and holistic remedies work wonders in providing lasting migraine and headache relief. Here are a few examples:


Achieve Midland Migraine Relief With The Help Of Dr. John Kowalcyzk

Now that you know the main differences between migraines and headaches, we hope you can quickly distinguish the specific condition you have. If in case you experience migraine attacks, we suggest exploring upper cervical care. 

Several case studies have proven the effectiveness of atlas and axis bone adjustments in relieving the crippling symptoms of migraines. Essentially, it aims to eliminate signal interferences that may be causing your brain and nervous system to misfire. It also improves fluid drainage to reduce the pressure inside the skull. 

Many patients attest to be the effectiveness of upper cervical care in reducing the intensity and frequency of a migraine attack. So, you can be confident of seeing improvements when you seek the same remedy. Here’s a quick look at what you should expect during your appointment:

It can take several weeks or months to retrain your cervical spine. But, we will keep you up-to-date on the progress using X-ray scans of your C1 and C2 bones. Additionally, we will provide you with essential patient care tips to help you maintain the adjustments and experience long-term relief or complete resolution of your migraine symptoms.

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Compared to normal migraines, silent migraines are rather difficult to detect and are quite uncommon. Let’s look over 7 shocking facts about silent migraines that may not be known to most people. Our Midland MI chiropractor provides an available natural relief for this kind of migraine.

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